w/ Enrico Fagone and Jeff Bradetich

WDO - Opera House Bei Jing before a WDO concert

WDO - Barbados bass section

WDO - Jamming in Elansdoorn (South Africa)

Bass Orchestra in Mittenwald

Johannesburg bass students

WDO - Washington session

Me and Dr.Tony

Masterclass w/ Rinat Ibragimov

Jeff Bradetich, Andy Benz and I

Soloing in the WDO

Masterclass in Lugano w/ Edicson Ruiz and Enrico Fagone

Geigenbau in Mittenwald

w/ Enrico Fagone, Claudio Schiavi and the bass legends M° Leonardo Colonna and M° Milton Masciadri

Bass quartet in Mittenwald

South Africa jam session in Elansdoorn

Bass Copenhagen 2012 w/ my teacher and big friend Enrico Fagone

The great legend master Leonardo Colonna w/ his former alumni

w/ the bass legend M° Lawrence Angell and Patricia Zangger in Cleveland