I am currently a teaching professor in Jazz Arranging at the Piacenza Conservatory for both Bachelor and Masters qualification.
I exceptionally accept external students for in-person lessons (Milano area) or e-mail/Skype with screen share.
For more advanced writers, I am available for "guidance counseling", whereby a composer/arranger can send a piece to me at any stage of development for constructive criticism, comments, ideas.
Please contact me for further information.

avviso per gli studenti del Conservatorio 'G. Nicolini' di Piacenza:

le lezioni del corso di Tecniche di Arrangiamento Jazz si svolgeranno:
  • triennio aa 2018-19: dicembre'18 - marzo'19 (I modulo 18 ore - aa 2018-19) - aprile'19 - giugno'19 (II modulo 18 ore)
  • biennio aa 2018-19: dicembre'18 - giugno'19 (modulo unico 36 ore)
  • entra nell'area privata e scarica test di ingresso, progetti e calendario

free downloadable handouts (ita)

example of two lines (top and bottom) of third type modal counterpoint (lydian/mixolydian)

example of two lines of third type counterpoint on changes

example of modal counterpoint, multiple and mixed, arranged for big band (.pdf)

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