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”Unwired is a generous investigation of some big band meandering” (Fiona Ord-Shrimpton - All About Jazz, USA)

”They strike the variety of the ladder and the great widespread energy in the hall; moving smoothly among modal, singing and avant-garde, wide-ranging music and more sketched tracks, with extensive references to jazz, swing, rock and funky, from 4/4 to very complex rhythmic structures that put the stage musicians through the wringer. Tarocchi's informal direction has highlighted the collective, leaving room for soloists improvisations of great technical magnitude” (Ernesto Scurati - Tracce di Jazz)

”Unwired, the first track that gives the name of this new album, is wrapped in a magnetic atmosphere” (Stefano Dentice - Italia In Jazz, ITA)

”Music written and arranged in the style of a classic symphonist, between Gil Evans and Mike Westbrooke. Modality, open forms, folk-jazz and song that are avant-garde. Tarocchi has an incomparable taste for the sound canvas arranged in line, sequenced or blocked” (Davide Ielmini - Musica Magazine, ITA)

”This work is, on the whole, an ambitious and fearless effort that deals also with the european contemporary classical music writing” (Luca Cerchiari - Il Giornale del Popolo, Lugano CH)

”Tarocchi mixes in his music the Jazz style with the contemporary musical idiom in an expressive equilibrium” (Alessandro Rigolli - la Gazzetta di Parma, ITA)

”Arranger, composer, and conductor Angiolo Tarocchi blends the rich legacy of the jazz orchestra tradition with his Italian flair in subtle and contemporary ways” (Aad van Nieuwkerk - VPRO Vrije Geluiden, NL)

”Unwired combines big band contemporary jazz and contemporary composed music in an exciting album which demands to the listener to unravel all five pieces of composite gems” (Rinus Van Der Heijden - JazzNu, NL)

”Unwired exhibits pieces that look agreeably backwards without giving up on the present” (Piercarlo Poggio - Blow-up, ITA)

”Unwired is a gorgeous record that catches the listener up from the very first jumps and never lets breaks” (Marco Buttafuoco - Jazz Convention, ITA)

”The target seems to be centered and we thank Tarocchi for giving lymph to the jazz orchestra community” (Marco Scolesi - The Mellophonium Online, ITA)

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jazz chromatic ensemble


principal double bass and founder member of

the world doctors orchestra

2018, mar 22: Dubai Opera
beethoven: symphony n.5

2018, jun 29: Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal, Germany
2018, jun 30: Berliner Philharmonie, Großer Saal, Germany
Richard Wagner, The Ring without words (arr. Lorin Maazel)

2018, oct 11: Filharmonia Naradowa Warsaw, Poland
2018, oct 12: ICE Kraków, Poland
beethoven: symphony n.8

2019: Paris, France
mahler: symphony n.3 (venue and date tba)

past event

2017, oct 7: Auditori i Palau de Congressos, Girona, Spain
2017, oct 8: Sala Pau Casals, L'Auditori, Barcelona, Spain
brahms: symphony n.2